The MICHELIN Guide California 'Virtual Family Meal' 2020


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MICHELIN Guide Presents 'Virtual Family Meal' to honor #California #Restaurants' creativity, strength, and resilience in a very tough year

Restaurants across the world have been devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic but no place has been harder hit than California, which has led the country in permanent restaurant closures since March. Unlike other places, California restaurants have been hit by the triple whammy of pandemic-related closure orders, a drastic drop in tourism and massive wildfires.

MICHELIN Guide announced it would not release the 2020 guide of California’s best restaurants out of respect for the chefs and owners, who are concentrating on survival.

Among chefs participating in Michelin North America’s “Family Meal” event are Alice Waters, Thomas Keller, Nancy Silverton and Gordon Ramsay.

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